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QuinOS 0.14 / a little project of me. i think its awesome to try! (unless the ugly menu's then... (DO NOT USE ON FLOPPY'S!!) oh, and this more of a GUI, do not think this is an actual OS. and for paople who are want to be up-to-date with all the version contact me. (im still denveloping this) my account on qb45 is: mymumpongs
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QuinOS 0.16 / the updated version of 0.14 (see on this is still just a sort of GUI. not an OS. the rest of the info is in the .zip file. Hope you like it! (i canoot continue denveloping becuase i accidentily deleted the source code :-(
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Hello! i made this in 6 hours so dont be too surprized. I made a FakeDOS called DCK-DOS. It causes just the normal stuff would do reguarly. (Like: Deleting files, Running EXE programs, making directories, deleting directories, print an ascii file THE PRINTING WONT WORK I THINK!!, restart your ms-dos computer or disable your windows shutdown files, do a directory listing and copy one floppy to another!) all the files inclusive source code is included. in the readme are all the commands you would use. you could prank somebody with this :). hope you enjoy it!
Source included - QuickBASIC 7.1 - 43.33 KB - 591 downloads
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  HWDEC.EXE by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
just a hardware detection program written 100% in QBASIC! not much to it. just detects your typical stuff although is the hard disk stuff pretty inaccurate sometimes. also, i tested it all on real DOS hardware and a 286 laptop. so its all monochrome screen compatible because of SCREEN 0. also, i added VESA video tests. it does all the resolutions your video card supports. not much to it then that. hope you enjoy! and a new version of Room71 os also here! build 73. check it out!
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  Room71 by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
Hello there! man, long time that i have been uploading something. That was mostly because my internet was dead for a month. so, this is the Room71 GUI Beta 59! not much to it now, but i want to make my own extension and a special binary stuff wich only Room71 can open. oh boy.... I hope you enjoy it so far and more info is in the ZIP file. Now Including: File Browser, System Info detection, Clock, Calculator, and so on. just very basic stuff... Oh, and there are 2 more programs actually ready for upload but i lost the file and it is in GWBASIC. i dunno if QB45 is gonna allow that, bye! (04-27-2015: i can't get the file system to work so, this is all folks. just deskyop tools.)-(05-13-2015= what o you know, i got the encription system, so now just copy it in the program and Room71 will have its own extension! how cool?)
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  ROOM71.ZIP by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
Hello there! This is the Room17 GUI Build 73. now with an En\Decoding system for making binary and non ASCII readable programs! the programs are just in regular QBASIC 1.1 (qbasic included) used to decode, run and then encode the programs you create! i use the R71 extension for this but you may use any you want. be sure to encode your ASCII .BAS files first before testing them in Room71. i hope you enjoy the new function ;) seeya! (i appearently did'nt add the password... use "162000".)
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  SNIPVIR.ZIP by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
a failed project of me and a friend. we wanted to make an destructive, cool and annoying virus using the easy graphics of qbasic. for any info check my mail. check the code in the source for the payload date. also this program pretends to be the real MSAV in text mode. I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY OF YOUR ACTIONS! have fun?!
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  SOS by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
SniperOS 1.0! Long awaited and here it is! some early due te source code problems. the shell does't work in Windows. i compiled it QBX but the code is 99% QB4.5. i recommend a Pentium II 233Mhz but any processor does fine as long as you got VGA (SB not really needed but recommended for the oscilloscope). i hope you like the games i picked. download now!
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  SOS.ZIP by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
The sequal to QuinOS. changes = better graphics and security. also i dont have alll the programs inserted yet. so don't think there are some missing. rest of the info is in the .zip file. Have fun! (27 november 2014 Update = SniperOS 1.0 upcoming and not far away! just 2 weeks or so. exciting!) (20 Januari 2015 update: WOW! over 500 already geez this is HUGE! well, i am busy on 2.0 but im having another idea for it, stay tuned!) (27 September 2015 update: Well, i haven been programming for a LONG time! now, i' ve decided to friggen continue SniperOS 2 with even more functions! I realy ddidnt know what i should make in this long time. and most of all, school. seen that this is 10th grade so last year i cant be all that busy on programming as before. But im trying my best to delever awsome tools and demos all in one package for DOS! So stay tuned!)
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Hello! im back again iwth SniperOS!! Changes: Menu is ALOT better and more colours everywere (i like that). DOWNLOAD NOW! (I\'m not angry or something if you won\'t.... haha) also, i forgot to change the version number to 0.41
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  SOS2.ZIP by Quintus S. (Rate this file/View comments)
Hello again! i have news you are not gonna like if you liked my SniperOS franshize. i am stopping the project because i cant find any software on the internet anymore that is 'compatible' with SOS. this time the source code is included with 2.0. the same as 1.0: code is 99% Qb4.5 and compled in QBX. so, what is was thinking was that YOU are gonna comment below (or mail: ) for any ideas that you may like me to make. You may also mail me if you wanna cooperate with me if the thing suggest me to make is a little hard for me, i may mail you back! thank you for all your support!
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Hello! You may ask, "Hey! SniperOS is back in buisness!" Well yes, it is! all the other explanation is in the readme.txt as always. have fun!
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